Online Pre-Scholarship Exam Instructions

Dear students, thank you for choosing us in pursuing your plus 2 level in science/ management stream.

We have scheduled an online pre- scholarship test to facilitate the different scholarship to the deserving candidate.

ONLINE TEST DATE:  24th of Asad, 2077, Time: 1:00- 2:00 PM


Before beginning the test:

  1. Make sure you have good internet connection.
  2. Shut down all instant messaging tools ( skype, viber, whats app, messenger etc) and other Email programs.
  3. Do not appear for exam before and after the given time. Login is for single use only. It will be deactivated automatically after first use.
  4. All our exam servers and backup server will be activated for exam period, if any problem persists: it means there is a problem in your computer, setting, and internet.
  5. If any student lacks in sufficient computer knowledge, please consult with your friend or family members who knows about computer and internet.

During the test:

  1. Do not resize (minimize) the browser during the test
  2. We will send web link of the online entrance test to your email address 10 minutes prior the test to begin.
  3. The student may not use his or her textbooks, course notes, or receive help from any other outside source.
  4. Student must complete the 50- multiple choice questions within 1 hour time frame allotted for the test.
  5. Be very much careful with the time limit. You must submit your answer at end of the form, otherwise your answer will not be recorded.

*** IF YOUR ONLINE TEST IS INTERRUPTED (POWER LINE CUT-OFF, COMPUTER HARDWAE PROBLEM etc), please contact immediately to the college administration (01-4472902)

We have given few sample questions that will help you in preparing the test.

(Sample Objective Questions)

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