College Section


Play ground

CIA playground provides a safe outdoors environment within the school that stimulates children to use their creative energy in healthy interactions with one another.


The College has recess and lunches available through the College canteen. We have set the Menu in accordance with a balanced diet.


CIA provides modern and sophisticated teaching facilities that are constantly upgraded. We have Physics Lab, Bio Lab and Chemistry Lab. The aim is to provide students a conceptual as well as practical understanding of the subject through hands-on training. CIA allocates considerable resources on a regular basis in enhancing all its engineering facilities to meet cutting edge, international standards.


Today library can be called as an excellent information center. Dissemination of knowledge & information is the main function of the library and it generates information through various forms of collection, such as books Journals & Periodicals etc. We have Cambridge Certified Libraries tend to provide an easy and ready access for updating the knowledge base of students and staff.

Sports and Recreation

In the last couple of decades, sports activities have been gaining a great momentum in Nepal. Sports like football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and chess are popular among the youth today. CIA organizes both Intra and Inter college tournament for its students. Moreover, we send our deserving students in inter college events hosted by other colleges. We have Sports and Recreational Student Club for the sporting events.


CIA provides Basket Ball Training, Table Tennis Training, Drama and Theatre Training and Musical Training to all the interested students. We believe in grooming of the students from every aspect as extracurricular allow students to pursue interests outside of a standardized academic context. Moreover, students can also use these activities to explore interests they?ve never encountered, exposing students to a more diverse range of interests in students.
We have

Basketball Training

Every Sunday, Monday and Thursday after 2:30 p.m. by Basketball Coach, Mr. Ashish Singh.

Table Tennis Training

Every Monday and Friday after 2:30 p.m. by T.T Coach, Mr. Mohan Das Basukala.

Drama and Theatre Training

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after 2:30 p.m. by Mr. Tanka Chaulagain.

Musical Training

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after 2:30 p.m. by music teachers, Mr. Kunal Singh and Mr. Subash Pandey.

Guidance Counselling

Student of this school receive support in applying to college from the school/college counselor. Information about colleges is readily available and students benefit from getting advice tailored to their interests and abilities. Students are encouraged to do their own research and find colleges that match their academic interest.


CIA operates buses for the convenience of students and staff coming from in and around Kathmandu city. This transport facility is also used for various educational purposes like field trips, industrial visits and recruitments.
Transportation In-charge:
Mr. Sunil Sapkota

Personal Guidance

Guidance assists students to make educational and vocational choices in order to build up a better career. CIA provides counselling to the students throughout the academic session regarding their academic and personal issues. We provide personal guidance to all the students for their better attitude and long-term career growth. Counselling is generally done by Chief Academic and Administrative Officer, Academic Coordinators and Administrator. We organize Parents-Teachers meeting every three months during result distribution. Besides that parents are encouraged to visit college and know about their ward?s progress.

Annual Play

Chelsea International Academy and VidhyaSanskar School organizes Annual drama on January. This play is one of the best way of exposing our students as theatre play helps in flourishing creativity, improvement of academics and develops the means of self-expression. Theater can be influential in all aspects of life. Participating in theater classes can stimulate student’s creativity and thought process. The whole experience of theatre makes people more aware and sensitive towards various issues. It empowers the meek and makes people do away with their reservations. Therefore, we encourage our students for participation in Annual play every year. We provide drama classes to our A-level and Grade 11 & 12 students by our professional drama instructors.

Sports Meet

Yes it?s true that ?winning isn?t everything? and we definitely need to teach our students about teamwork and provide them with a positive learning environment and to have fun. The lessons learned through sport are always valuable life lessons. Competition is important in sports so that athletes develop their highest potential and set goals and reach higher than their competition. Chelsea International Academy and VidhyaSanskar School for Grade 11 & 12 comes up with an Annual Sports meet in the month of December-January.


Extravaganza is a popular event that draws in hundreds of students, faculty and campus community members every year. This event is 3 days long event where first two consecutive events takes place in college and the last day is held outside the college. The last day event is generally held at Nagarkot Resort.

Chelsea Debate Fest

Intra College Tournament

Competition teach students to dig deep and find resources they never knew they had and provides them with an opportunity to think outside the box and explore other ways to succeed. The pressure to win or succeed can often inspire more imaginative thinking and inspires them to develop additional skills. Both A-levels and Grade 11&12 students participate in the intra college tournament.

Intra College T.T. and Chess Competition
Intra College Futsal Tournament
Intra College Basketball Tournament
Documentary Competition
Open Cooking Competition

CIA provides comfortable and affordable accommodation near the college location. The senior boys? hostel accommodates maximum 30 students of A Level and Grade 11 and 12. Similarly, we have separate Girls hostel with same number of student capacity. Our hostels have spacious rooms with low and single beds. Each room has limited number of children so as to avoid overcrowding.

  • Laundry and toiletry are well managed.
  • Enough attention and care is given to those who are physically and academically weak.
  • Students have access to computer lab, library and movie hall as per the scheduled time table.
  • Food, with balanced composition is provided as per the hostel menu.